We help a Late Boomer to become an ENTREPRENEUR.

We help a Late Boomer to become an ENTREPRENEUR.


What's a Late Boomer?

Hi, I’m Stephanie & I’m a Late Boomer. That’s a Christian Baby BOOMER who’s gotten a LATE start on Proverbs 13:22 -  “leav[ing] an inheritance for our children’s children.” We help Late Boomers leave a financial legacy by helping them to both pray & work toward fulfilling their God-given dream business or nonprofit.  

Late Boomers is a Ministry Network, Too

How We'll Use Our Businesses to Glorify God


In addition to helping Christian Baby Boomers to become entrepreneurs, will serve as an online community of volunteers that will pray for and follow-up with everyone that reaches out to this organization after reading, seeing, and/or hearing about Jesus. Participating members in Late Boomers will have the opportunity to feature God's Plan of Salvation in/on...

  • Their stores (online or brick & mortar)
  • Their products
  • Online and/or hard copies of tracts produced and distributed by

My God-given dream business, the Christian Writers Cooperative (CWC), will feature God’s Plan of Salvation in each copy of the 10-12 books we plan to cooperatively write, publish, and promote, every year. 

Click on the link below to learn more about the CWC, especially if you’re a writer with a God-given dream you’re trying to fund!

                          CLICK HERE to visit the Christian Writers Cooperative's website


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